The International Arts Festival Regarding... an nomadic, interdisciplinary festival of contemporary culture, which once a year reconsiders and reinterprets classic subjects, iconic characters, famous images and timeless meanings through opera, ballet and contemporary dance, classical and contemporary music, drama and visual arts.
The festival aims at becoming a new international artistic platform in Tel Aviv for  co-productions and premieres of world-class stage productions and exhibitions.

The Festival is organized by LOUD Foundation (Riga, Latvia), a non-profit organization supported by international private donors.

Our mission

We begin our dialogue through nomadic festival, demonstrating commissions and premiers of the most important works of international artists in new contexts, transporting culture in all forms, accenting new creative crossings and creating adventure events”.


The festival’s inaugural edition, Regarding Goddesses, investigates the gendering of power across mythologies and within contemporary society. Featured projects address such questions as: how, and by whom, is the power of women limited? Does power have gender? Who are the goddesses of today?” Regarding Goddesses will showcase commissioned, original works by both established and emerging artists responding to the theme “Goddesses” in unexpected contexts throughout the city.


Shame is an acute and painful feeling that typically develops into suffering and is prompted by thoughts of “improper” behavior. Shame is a complex and multifaceted emotion that has haunted mankind throughout its history, and yet talking about it is not considered seemly. This shame makes people think that their whole being is something reprehensible. A sense of shame is often based on the opinions of others or the attitudes of society. These emotions are destructive and can cause serious harm to the individual.
Art often raises issues that are uncomfortable for discussion. Shame is precisely the kind of topic that demands turning inside out and looking at it from a different angle.


We all believe in something or somebody. Even though we barely need facts to support our beliefs. Belief becomes a knowledge, which moves us either forward or down. Faith unveils such a great energy that generations of people based on it war conflicts, created new countries and discovered new territories, explored cosmos or destroyed lives. What are you ready for the sake of your faith? The festival edition of 2024 is to explore the history of beliefs and what faith is in the contemporary world, how it is evaluated throughout the centuries.


Maria Nasimova
Founder & Artistic Director

Ekaterina Yakimova
General Director

Evgene Yanov
Festival Technical Director

Jaume Grau
Music Program Technical Director

Veronika Kandaurova
PR & Communications Director

Lorenzo Pappagallo
Associate Curator

Nacha Delpiano
Opera and Music Program Producer

Daria Faezova
Dance Program Producer

Vasilina Vasilyeva
Art Producer

Daniel Ring
Local Executive Producer

Victor Martínez
Music Program Production assistant

Oxana Sorokina
Administrative and Financial Director