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Contemporary Opera
Opera House – Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Center

Monodrama in one act

World premiere

Composed by Avner Dorman
Libretto by Yael Ronen

Conductor: Steven Sloane 
Director: Lotte de Beer

With Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra 
and Jessica Muirhead as Jessica / Kundry

Tel Aviv-Yafo, The Israeli Opera

Sung in English, Hebrew and German
Duration: approx.70 minutes

The International Arts Festival Regarding is inaugurated with the world premiere of Kundry, an original monodrama commissioned by Regarding... centered on the infamous Wagner’s Parsifal female figure. 

Composed by Avner Dorman, with libretto by Yael Ronen, and directed by Lotte de Beer.

The piece will be interpreted by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Steven Sloane. 

Kundry’s plot is establishing a dialogue between the personal life of a contemporary opera singer and the contradictory and fascinating Wagner’s Parsifal female figure, who represents the marginalization of an eminently masculine world such as the Grail and on the other hand, the archetype of the sensual temptress. Divas such as Waltraud Meier, Martha Mödl, Gwyneth Jones, Maria Callas and Violeta Urmana among others interpreted Kundry in the past and now it is the turn of Jessica Muirhead to reinterpret this infamous character.

Wagner described Parsifal not as an opera, but as "a Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage" and with Kundry, commissioned for the launching of REGARDING FESTIVAL… we aim at surprising and engaging audiences in a new and surprising way. The world premiere will take place on October 21st at the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv. 

The creative team includes Christof Hetzer (Set and costume design), Alex Brok (Lighting design), Frederic Buhr (Assistant Director), Keren Kagarlitsky (Assistant Conductor) and BRAVA team (Technical and executive production).

Opera Kundry is a new project commissioned by LOUD Foundation and premiered in the framework of Regarding Goddesses 2021-2022 at the Israeli Opera (Tel Aviv).